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Make Your Vision Board Portable by Creating a Vision Journal

One way to make your vision board work for YOU is to embrace your creative process and make it YOUR way. Traditionally, vision boards incorporate multiple photos or graphics and it takes up a central spot on your office wall. But how about mixing your vision board... read more

5 Reasons to Ignore the Naysayers and Create Your Vision Board Anyway

Vision boards have gained popularity over the years and now people run vision board workshops or hold parties with friends. Creating a vision board is most popular near January 1st when the New Year is dawning and so many people are reflecting on the past year. New... read more

Get Inspired Daily with One Simple Word

If the idea of creating a vision board – either on your own or within the confines of a class – really isn’t your jam, then consider choosing a word to inspire you toward your goals. Many vision board enthusiasts start their boards with their chosen word but if you... read more

Why Vision Boards Work for Everyone… Even Those Who Don’t Believe in the Law of Attraction

Let me start off with a controversial statement: You don’t have to subscribe to the Law of Attraction to make vision boards work for you. In short, the Law of Attraction teaches that “like attracts like,” and when you put forth positive energy into the world, you’ll... read more

5 Ways to Make Vision Boards Work for You Without Being Crafty

Vision boards are meant to be a tool to focus on what’s important in your life – focus on your family, business goals, or living a carefree lifestyle. How you create your vision board or what it looks like aesthetically doesn’t have any bearing on how well it will... read more

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Wife, mom to twin boys and two kitties, business owner. To spend time with ALL my loved ones, I had to rethink the way I created by business. I want you to do so too.

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