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5 Things You Should Never Do When Creating Your Online Course 

From: Audrey Sourroubille Arnold

Date: May 1, 2020

Subject: 5 Things You Should Never Do When Creating Your Online Course

Dear Female Entrepreneurs & Mompreneurs,

If you’re a coach, creative, or consultant, you’ve probably seen (or taken) an online course (or 10!). And if you’re here, you’ve also probably considered creating one. If so, smart move: Online courses can make a valuable addition to almost any online business. Whether you want a new, main money-maker, an extra income stream so you can take on fewer clients or simply want to spread your message & help more people, an online course could totally be your golden ticket.

The only issue? Not every online course is an instant home run. But, there is some good news: If you’re curious about exactly what separates wildly successfully courses from courses that desperately struggle to get sign-ups…well, I’ve got your answer!


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  • Why you should never create a course on a topic you’re “passionate” about–and what to do instead.

  • What most course creators get wrong when it comes to writing their curriculum–plus 8 top tips for crafting lessons so clear they sparkle.

  • How to make your course look stunning & professional–no matter your budget or how long you’ve been in biz.

  • Exactly what tasks to DIY and what to hire out–plus expert outsourcing secrets that will save you major energy, money & even embarrassment down the line!

  • How to use your fave online courses as inspiration for your own–without looking like a copycat.


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5 Things You Should Never Do When Creating Your Online Course

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Here’s To Having More Time For What Matters,
Audrey Sourroubille Arnold
Creative Business Strategist

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