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Vision boards have gained popularity over the years and now people run vision board workshops or hold parties with friends. Creating a vision board is most popular near January 1st when the New Year is dawning and so many people are reflecting on the past year. New year, new changes, but you can certainly create a vision board – or change one up – at any point during the year.

The idea behind vision boards is that you find visual representations of your goals, hopes, and dreams, and paste them onto a poster so you can see them each day. By seeing these goals daily, you are stimulating your brain visually while also keeping your goals forefront in your mind so you remain motivated during the day. As with any topic, plenty of people don’t believe in vision boards and think they’re a waste of time or that the Law of Attraction is hocus pocus.

Here are some common sense reasons why you shouldn’t be swayed by the vision board naysayers:

1. What works for one doesn’t work for all

As with nearly any scenario, you’ll find multiple ways to do things and one way won’t work for everyone. Vision boards are nothing more than a visual way to set goals. So whether you use a vision board or a basic list, choose the option that appeals to you the most and that you’ll actually use. Setting the goals is the most important thing, not the way in which it gets done.

2. What can it hurt?

In the end you’ll have two possible conclusions: You set your goals and found a way to get motivated every day; or you had an enjoyable afternoon thinking about what you want out of life. Self-reflection never hurt anyone.

3. You are in control of your life instead of being a bystander

So many time adults end up reacting to situations in their lives instead of paving their way through life on their own terms. Knowing what you want in life, down to where you want to live or the car you want to drive puts you in control. When you’re in control, you can make better decisions which lead you to your dream goals.

4. Be a role model for your kids

A work-at-home friend said she makes a vision board every year and shares her goals with her children in hopes of inspiring them to work hard. She tells her kids what her goals are and they ae her cheerleaders when she crosses them off one by one.

5. Trust your gut

Would you jump off a bridge just because your friends say so? Ok, so that rings back to childhood when mom would try to teach us to think on our own but it’s so true even now as adults. Gather your information and then make the decision that’s right for YOU. If you’re dying to make a vision board but your spouse laughs at the idea, make one anyway. Or make a digital one that can only be seen on your computer. Don’t be swayed into making a decision that doesn’t feel right; follow your gut instinct.

In the end, you only have one life so live it to the fullest. If that means prioritizing your goals with a vision board, go for it! Live with no regrets and you might just surprise yourself with how much you accomplish from your vision board.

What's Next?

Step 1: Revise Your Expectations And Expect Resistance

If you’re familiar with the principles for successfully growing an online business, then you know that Step 1 of successfully pulling out a strategy to optimise and grow your business is to shift your mindset. I share through this blog and social media channels some tips and tools to help you with that. Yet, we all know that it takes more than just knowing what to do to actually do it.

That’s why I want to invite you to revise your expectations. Know that there will be resistance along the way. You might say to yourself “I’ll have a look tomorrow again”, “that’s not so urgent”, “I’m not sure that’s for me”, “I don’t think this will work for me”, or many other things. Often when we’re stepping out of our comfort zone (a.k.a. what we’ve been doing until now) we’re finding excuses to keep on doing what we’ve always done. The first step in success is acknowledging that. So… acknowledge where you’re at. Then…

Revise your expectations bearing in mind your goals AND your life. Not everything that I’m sharing will resonate with you. Not everything will be applicable to you either. And that’s alright! But you’ve got to start somewhere.

So, as long as you’re clear on your goals and on your vision (if not, check *Plan, Create, Launch*), take a conscious decision of what you want to apply starting from today.

Step 2: Carve Out Time, And Make A Plan

That’s where carving out time, and making a plan comes in. You know yourself at that stage better than I do. Use that knowledge to implement a plan of action that will help you start making positive changes into your life, that will soon bring positive changes in your business and in your life.

If you're stuck wondering what to do next, I invite you to subscribe to receive the Online Biz Growth Notes.

Step 3: Just start

There’s no tomorrow in success. Any successful path starts today, with a small change that you keep on building onto. Commit to starting today with ONE small thing, and share with me in the comments what it is. This commitment will help you start – and keep – taking action!

Step 4: Get Support!

We tend to want to do things on our own. I’m not stranger to that either. But I’ve learnt over time, and I’ve seen both with my personal coaching clients and professional mentoring clients, as well as with myself, that getting support helps to really create the change we’re after. So, if you’re stuck wondering what’s next, and you know you need help, I invite you to check out the many online resources I have created to help you save time and achieve faster growth in your business: Free articlesonline communityonline books and courses. If you’d like private mentoring for your business strategy, you can also book a call with me to discuss the different mentoring options that are available for your special needs.


Step 5: Please Share!

If you like what I'm sharing in this series of posts with tips to help you save time in your online business, please do me a favor and share it with friends or colleagues you know would benefit from it! The more we are on this journey, the greater the collaborations, co-creation and achievements!