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Hey, I'm Audrey

Join my world to see how you can earn more while doing less in your online business! Then up to you to decide how you want to use that extra time! 🙂

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I help coaches, experts and entrepreneurs build a business and lifestyle they love!

Clarify Your Vision

and get the overwhelm out of running your online business!

Save Time

and do more of what you love!

About Audrey

I am a creative business strategist. Mompreneurs hire me to create a strategy that allows them to showcase their uniqueness + focus on their strengths + get greater results, so that they can enjoy more time to spend with their children! My team and I help them not only with the strategy but with the implementation too. I love helping the entrepreneurs I connect with find a way to create a new market so that they have no competition because the service they’re offering is so unique. This pumps me up and brings me joy when I see what we can all create together!


In one month I saved 15 hours and earned 1,000 USD in passive income!

I met Audrey a couple of years ago through a course we did together. I knew her then as a health coach helping women with their health, and was admiring her commitment to her clients and her work. We shared similar values, and kept on discussing over the years how our businesses were doing. When she mentioned she was soon sharing productivity tips to save time in our business, I wanted in on it already. I knew of her background in finance, and I couldn’t wait to see what she would bring me. Every time I was looking at a course, or hiring a mentor or coach, they would keep on giving me more stuff to do, and I kept growing my business to a point where Yes, I was seeing clients, but I no longer had the freedom I thought I’d get when working on my own business. With Audrey’s health, in less than one month, we focused on how I worked with my clients, from when I meet them locally or online, to the discovery session, down to the sessions I have with them. Looking at how I was doing things until then, and cutting activities I was doing that had no value added, I was able to save over 15 hours during our first month of work together. And because Audrey got deep into what I do, she gave me some ideas about how I can leverage the work I did with my 1:1 clients to create courses, workbooks, and workshops, in such an easy way that I was able to launch a couple of new online products as well, and already make 1,000 USD in passive income. No need to say, I’m a fan and will keep working with her on my strategy!

Natalie R., United States

We got clarity to get out of overwhelm!

I’ve been working like crazy over the past 5 years, growing a sizeable business, which was taking always more and more of my time. Yes, I do have a team I head that I delegate things to, but it still got to a point where there were too many things for us to do. Thanks to the work we did with Audrey, I am now clear as to what my business vision is, and the strategy that will lead me there. It’s really not a case of doing always more and more and more, but actually doing less, and smarter to. I am very grateful to Audrey for the help she has given me so that I now have a clear plan for further automations and optimisation of our processes. We’re getting there. In one month we couldn’t implement all the amazing ideas Audrey had more us, but already saved about 5 hours on one of clients induction processes, and got additional ideas for passive income that fits our business model.

Jenny M., United Kingdom

I got clarity to grow my income AND my business!

Audrey is an amazing business coach for women (and men of course)! When I first started my business I felt overwhelmed by all the tech that I need to do. The consultation with Audrey has helped to get on my income and focus on steps to grow my business. Coming from a business background in finance, she is very analytical and at the same time as inspiring to follow your dream. After every coaching session with Audrey I leave with more confidence and a solid guideline on what to do next. Thank you so much Audrey for your valuable support!

Katrin Rossi, Switzerland

My life as a busy mom and entrepreneur got easier!

I started my business back in May 2017 where I was working offline, as my business grew I was getting overwhelmed by the amount of manual work I had to do and to keep my other jobs as mum and wife also going.

I met Audrey and the mompreneurs community April 2018, where I started seeing things from a different perspective. Audrey showed me that I am not alone on my journey and that like me, where other mums also seeking for support, and by sharing our abilities we could help each other with minimum effort and expenses.

Audrey has an ability to give some much support and advice on the right direction. She has helped me with many platform tips to give more value to my business and now is helping me to build my new website and give that touch of professionalism and high standard. Her workshops are well prepared and straight to the point, making life of a busy mom and entrepreneur easier.

Looking forward to learning more from Audrey and her mompreneur community and growing my business in a fun environment.

Dalia Brunschwig, Fully in Balance, Switzerland

Audrey helped me connect the dots!

Having met Audrey, what game changing. Working on my startup, being overwhelmed by the right strategy, I finally felt understood and supported. Audrey flourishes in her element, listens, connects dots and is creative with you and your personality in focus. Thank you, Audrey, for being so great.

Yasmine Ghoraschi, Switzerland

#The Mompreneur On A Mission Community

We’re in this together. Running a business as a teampreneur is the way forward. Join the community to connect with mompreneurs who share similar values and ideas as yours. Share about your talents and skills, your dreams, and what you’re struggling with. Let’s help each other create a thriving business. There’s no competition, the way forward is through collaborations, cooperations, co-creations!

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